The Rock and Roll Geek Show
Some of my favorite songs of 2006
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The first part of what turned out to be an extremely fun 4 hour live streaming show with chat.
Playing Xmas tunes with some close friends.


Please support the artists I play on this show and let them know that podcasting sells records.

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Twisted Sister Video Interview Show
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Show Notes:

An Interview with Dee Snider and Mark Mendoza from Twisted Sister

Song By Song Record Review of A Twisted Christmas


American Heartbreak

Twisted Sister


Twisted Sister on

Twisted Sister

Please support the artists I play on this show and let them know that podcasting sells records.

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Martina Butler sits in on today’s show. We do some Rock News, read your emails and lots more!


Tsar- (Purchase on iTunes)

Clam Abuse

Eddie and The Hot Rods- (Purchase on iTunes)

AAR- (Purchase on iTunes)


Please support the artists I play on this show and let them know that podcasting sells records.

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Another Driving with Butler Episode. This time we drive to interview The Living End.


The Living End

Please support the artists I play on this show and let them know that podcasting sells records.

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Join American Heartbreak in the Studio recording a Motley Crue Song
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div class="entrytext">

On today’s show I play some cover songs and let you guess who covered them.

We also attempt to read your emails and msg. board posts, talk some rock and play some audio comments.


The originals were done by:

The Soft Boys

Motley Crue

Crosby Stills Nash and Young

Led Zeppelin

You will have to listen to the show to find out who covered them.

Please support the artists I play on this show and let them know that podcasting sells records.

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An Interview with Dennis Dunaway, bass player for the original Alice Cooper Group, and a major bass influence for me.


Dennis Dunaway

Dennis Dunaway Myspace

Dennis Dunaway Project


$14.99 + 4.95




signed by the band

$24.99 + 4.95 S&H


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Rock and Roll News

Track by Track Album Review of Rockstar: Supernova

Msg. board and emails.


=A= ( Purchase on iTunes)


Iggy Pop (Purchase on iTunes)

Neurotic Outsiders-( Purchase on iTunes)

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Butler’s Live Bootleg: Paul Stanley at The Fillmore
Listening With Butler- Rockstar Supernova with special guest Marcus Couch from The Scene Zine
Japan Wrapup
Listener Emails


Dave Mustaine covering Alice Cooper

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An Interview with legendary record producer BOB EZRIN

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Open in your favorite player

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Day 3 of the Japan Tour.

The van drive home from the gig

Walking with Butler
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Day 2 of the Japan Tour
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Day 1 of the Japanese Tour of American Heartbreak
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Special Guests, Joe Klein and Susan, the hairstylist of the Rockstars.

Metal’s Most Covered Moments of the ’80s

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A track by track review of ‘Another Hostile Takeover’ by Hanoi Rocks.


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On this show, I pay tribute to one of the most underrated drummers of our time, Sandy West, from the Runaways, who passed away on Oct. 21st at the far too early age of 47. Also,Vicki Blue was kind enough to come on the show and give a really touching tribute to Sandy.

Sandy West Official Site
Sandy West on Youtube
Runaways Official Site
Sacred Dogs Entertainment

For those of you that wish to make charitable donations in Sandy’s name,the following charities are sanctioned by her family and ones that were either of benefit to Sandy, or near and dear to her heart.

ASPCAThe American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
American Cancer Society
Citrus Valley Hospice Program
MAP-Musician’s Assistance Program / Musicares- Addiction Recovery for Musicians, Hurricane Relief, etc.
Friendly House- A Sober Living Environment and Recovery Program for Women
*The family also plans to create a foundation in Sandy’s name in the
near future. Details coming soon.

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200th Episode!


CBGB Closes
Rock News
Wifey Update
Listening With Butler - DIrty DNA
Audio Comments
Listener Emails


Patti Smith Group

Alice Cooper


Lacuna Coil

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Join me for a ride through marriage hell!

I'll be back with a rock show midweek. I have a lot to talk about but I had to get this one out of my system.


I'll be back with a rock show midweek. I have a lot to talk about but I had to get this one out of my system.



Thin Lizzy
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Casey from American Heartbreak and Please Kill Me Radio joins me on this episode.

American Heartbreak Japanese Tour
Camp Freddy Show in S.F
Audio Comments
Aerosmith on Access Hollywood


American Heartbreak
Thin Lizzy
Zodiac Mindwarp

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From The Podcast Expo with Special Guests Share from Rock n Roll TV and Jasper from Plan Nine Rock Show.

We play some of our favorite songs and tell ROCK stories.


New York Dolls

Dead Boys

Alice Cooper


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Music News
Forum Posts
Podcast Expo
Rock Talk


Paul Westerberg -Purchase on iTunes-
Nuge--Purchase on iTunes
Joan Jett --Purchase on iTunes
Alice Cooper on the Podsafe Music Network

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Special 2 Year Anniversary Marathon Show.

Special Guests, Casey, Brant and Michelle from Please Kill Me Radio

We do a talk about Rock, reminisce about the early days of The Rock and Roll Geek Show, A Sebastian Bach update, play some music, talk rock, drink beer and talk about rock.


Bullet LaVolta
Fallen Angels
The Humpers

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Rockstar Supernova Finale Recap
Supernova Gossip
Listener Emails
Audio Comments
Thanks to Carl for the Sonic Ruin Zine.


Dee Dee Ramone - (Purchase on iTunes)
The Angels

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A review of the new New York Dolls CD, ‘One Day It Will Please Us To Remember Even This’.

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Purchase on iTunes

Open in your favorite player

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Rockstar Supernova Recap
Long Gone Loser Magazine
Get Suzi Quatro in the RnR Hall of Fame


Iggy ( Purchase on iTunes)
Airbourne-Myspace page
NY Dolls ( Purchase on iTunes)

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Rockstar Supernova Week 9 Recap
Message Board Posts
Audio Comments- 706-621-ROCK(7625)


Ramones Tribute
A.W.K. (Purchase on iTunes)
American Heartbreak (Purchase on iTunes)

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Tom Hamilton Throat Cancer
Poison- onstage fight on Youtube
Sebastian Bach Interview


The Joe Perry Project

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Martina and Michael Butler Watch Rockstar.
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Interview with Zayra Alvarez


Zayra Alvarez

Purchase her music

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Rockstar Supernova Week 7 wrap up

Lipsync contrroversy

Kelly Clarkson sings GnR on Youtube

Listener emails

Message board posts


Soul Asylum


The Replacements

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Best of RnR Geek Show Mix Tape
Chelsea Smiles Interview


Chelsea Smiles
Neurotic Outsiders

Note: I made a mistake and said Andy Taylor was in Neurotic Outsiders. It was John Taylor.

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Rockstar Supernova Week 6 (no guests!)
I went to the taping and tell some behind the scenes observations.


The Chelsea Smiles

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From Hollywood, right before I leave to watch the taping of Rockstar. Ginger Coyote Joins me for the Week 5 Rockstar Supernova wrapup. We play the Rockstar Supernova Drinking Game, goof on Rockstar and play some good music.


The Knack
The Urgencies
Jayne County and Ginger Coyote

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An Interview with Phil Ritchie, the 4th contestant eliminated from Rockstar Supernova


Phil’s band, Lennex

Purchase on

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Week 4 of Rockstar Supernova
Special Guest- Joe Klein, Podcast Voice Guy

I need a band to play at Antone’s in Austin TX at the Rockstar Energy Drink Bus Tour on AUGUST 7th. Please send your nominations to Plan Nine Rock Show at the Podcast Awards


The YayhoosPurchase on iTunes
The Sunset Bombers
Burning RetinaPurchase on iTunes

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An Interview and Artist Spotlight with Andy Shernoff of The Dictators.

Purchase Dictators Music on iTunes

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Rockstar Supernova Week 3 Recap
Storm Large Nude
Vegas odds
The William Hung of Rockstar
INXS Lawsuit
Listener Emails
Sandy West Diagnosed with Cancer
You can help Sandy here:
Donate here through PayPal.

Audio Comments -Comment Line -706-621-ROCK


New York Dolls
The Golden Gods (Purchase on iTunes)

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Show Notes:

An Interview with the 2nd Contestant Ejected from Rockstar Supernova, Chris Pierson.


The Living End
Streetlight Syndrome

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The video for our song, The Last Of The Superheros. Directed and Edited by Bam of <a href="" target=_blank>Rock and Roll TV</a>rnGuest Appearance by Mick Cripps of L.A. Guns
Direct download:
Category: Podcast -- posted at: 11:21am EDT

Show Notes:
From the St. Anthony Hotel in San Antonio, Texas
Recap of Week 2 of Rockstar Supernova
Interview with Matt Hoffer, the first contestant eliminated.
Please Kill Me Radio, a new Rock and Roll Geek Production


Bullet Lavolta
Hanoi Rocks covering a Phil Lynott Song
Matt Hoffer

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Originally uploaded by Michael Butler.

An Interview With Australian Legends, The LIving End.

(Purchase on iTunes)

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Joan Jett at Marin Fairgrounds
Warped Tour
The Living End
Rockstar Supernova-Week 1 Recap
He’s A Whore
Listener Hate Mail

Joan Jett(Purchase on iTunes
The Living End- New Record Comes out July 11. BUY IT!

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For Show Notes, go to
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An interview with Skidrow
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Topics:Cheap Trick Red Aunt DemosMaterial IssueMike Chapman-Link to the Interview from the ArchivesJim Vallance- -Link to the Interview from the ArchivesJoan Jett and The Blackhearts Record ReviewThe FagsListener EmailsMusic:Material IssueJoan Jett and The BlackheartsThe FagsThe Angels
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Topics: Vloggercon Supergroup Cheap Trick- Rockford Record Review (Purchase on iTunes) Audio Comments Listener Emails Music: New York Dolls The Living End (Purchase on iTunes) American Heartbreak Order the CD
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Part 2 of the interview with CJ, guitarist for the Wildhearts. Music: CJ Honeycrack CJ on Myspace 513289487_m.jpg
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Category: Podcast -- posted at: 2:29pm EDT

Part I of An Interview with CJ, guitarist for the Wildhearts, who is doing a solo record.

CJ’s Myspace


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A Soundseeing Tour Of The Masturbate-a-thon.
Direct download: rockgeek-5766-05-30-2006_pshow_221845.mp3
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For Show notes go to <a href=""></a>
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Topics: In the Doghouse Rock and Roll Birthdays Week in Rock Listener Emails My days in Exodus 3 Bands in The City


Sea Hags Perfect(Purchase on iTunes) Figgs 3 Colours Red

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This is an extra long show (I apologize ) and I almost lost my voice several times. Topics: Guns and Roses Show Report with John and Mark from Talking Metal Drinking to the beer fund donations Butler’s Babes- Thanks to Jon and Jodie from He Said She Said Podcast for the naked photo Matt Mehm- 15 year old Guitar Whiz Kid Ginger CD Contest Winner Griffin Ear Thumps Winners Audio Comments Podshow Concert Listening with Butler- Slowvein Cheap Trick on Conan and Youtube Listener Emails RnR Geek on CBC Earthling Challenge The Mike Douglass Show Thanks to Joe Klein from the Podcast Voice Guys for the show open. Music: Osaka Pop Star Pandoras Slowvein Crystal Pistol
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Driving With Butler to Live coverage of The U.S. Air Guitar Championships

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Topics: American Heartbreak Show Report Geek Tech Reviews Listener Emails A New Contest and much more. Links: Homemade Hit Show Window to the Magic Sonos Keyspan American Heartbreak Purchase the New Record Podcast Voice Guys Music: Millencolin The Bellrays (Purchase on iTunes) American Heartbreak A
Direct download: rockgeek-5022-05-08-2006_pshow_222085.mp3
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A special mid-week/ late night show recorded at the rehearsal studio with Casey and Billy from American Heartbreak. <br>Warning: Some parts of this episode are neither pod nor work safe. <br>The Ginger Contest is still ongoing. Homemade Hit Show
Direct download: rockgeek-4931-05-04-2006_pshow_222039.mp3
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Topics:<br>rnWeekend Jetboy/American Heartbreak Show Report<br>rnNew Cheap Trick<br>rn<br>rnMusic: <br>rn<a href="" target=_blank>Hardcore Superstar</a><br>rn<a href="" target=_blank>Cheap Trick</a> <a href="">(Purchase On iTunes)</a><br>rn<a href="" target=_blank>999</a><br>rn<br>rn<br>rn
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Come along with my wife and me as we tour the Sirius Studios in NYC. We met some people from the Howard Stern Show and many other people.
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Topics: Blabbermouth News
Free FM
Tiny Kiss vs. Mini Kiss
Audio Comments ( comment line- 706-621-ROCK)
Douchebag Clip of the Week- (Thanks Joe Klein for the intro) Podcast Voice Guys
American Heartbreak CD Winner
Vote for American Heartbreak on the Bone
A New Contest from The Home Made Hit Show
Listener Emails
Backyard Babies
Jesse Camp (Purchase on iTunes)
Hybrid Children (Purchase on iTunes)
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There is a new indiecast up at Download Indiecast_26.mp3 Please let me know if this player bothers you on the Indicast posts, becaues it comes into some peoples RnR Geek subscriptions- michael
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From JabberRock, The Ultimate Book of Rock ‘n’ Roll Quotations: “I don’t know anything about music. In my line of work you don’t have to.” ELVIS PRESLEY(1935-1977)
Category: Podcast -- posted at: 3:31am EDT

Topics: Listener Email Rock and Roll News Martina joins me for Listening With Butler- Years of Static Music: Angel Ginger CIV Paul Westerberg Download RnRGeekShow_137.mp3 Click Here for mp3
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IMG_0140.JPG Originally uploaded by Michael Butler. I am at the NAMM show in Anaheim, CA. This place is like disneyland for musicians. I have gotten a ton of ids from aging rock stars. Click the photo to see more photos
Category: Podcast -- posted at: 6:40am EDT

There is a new indiecast up at Download Indiecast_24.mp3 Tags: Indiecast, "Rock, and, Roll, Geek", rock, Podcast, Curry, Podshow, Sirius, Stern
Direct download: rockgeek-1161-01-18-2006_pshow_222600.mp3
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Topics * [ ] Macworld * [ ] Starz show on Bittorrent-Thanks John Fisher for sending it - [ ] Dube’s house burned down - [ ] Drink a toast to Ben Blundell - [ ] Drink a Toast To Julio Gonzales - [ ] EARTHLINK * [ ] Birthdays * [ ] Deaths: * [ ] Music News * [ ] Whole Internet Guide [...]
Direct download: rockgeek-1160-01-15-2006_pshow_222989.mp3
Category: Podcast -- posted at: 1:58am EDT

Once again, I am planning on streaming the show on Sunday around 12 noon PST. I hope you can join me. There will be an AIM chat room called rnrgeek Here is the link to the Stream: Rock and Roll Geek Show Stream(This is a Live 365 Stream and should provide the least buffering ) Here is the [...]
Category: Podcast -- posted at: 3:30am EDT

An Interview with Edgeplay director and ex- Runaways Bassist, Vicki Blue.
Direct download: rockgeek-1158-01-08-2006_pshow_222269.mp3
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There is a new indiecast up at Tags: Indiecast,
Direct download: rockgeek-1157-01-05-2006_pshow_223779.mp3
Category: Podcast -- posted at: 10:57pm EDT