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From JabberRock, The Ultimate Book of Rock ‘n’ Roll Quotations: “I don’t know anything about music. In my line of work you don’t have to.” ELVIS PRESLEY(1935-1977)
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Topics: Listener Email Rock and Roll News Martina joins me for Listening With Butler- Years of Static Music: Angel Ginger CIV Paul Westerberg Download RnRGeekShow_137.mp3 Click Here for mp3
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IMG_0140.JPG Originally uploaded by Michael Butler. I am at the NAMM show in Anaheim, CA. This place is like disneyland for musicians. I have gotten a ton of ids from aging rock stars. Click the photo to see more photos
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There is a new indiecast up at Download Indiecast_24.mp3 Tags: Indiecast, "Rock, and, Roll, Geek", rock, Podcast, Curry, Podshow, Sirius, Stern
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Topics * [ ] Macworld * [ ] Starz show on Bittorrent-Thanks John Fisher for sending it - [ ] Dube’s house burned down - [ ] Drink a toast to Ben Blundell - [ ] Drink a Toast To Julio Gonzales - [ ] EARTHLINK * [ ] Birthdays * [ ] Deaths: * [ ] Music News * [ ] Whole Internet Guide [...]
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Once again, I am planning on streaming the show on Sunday around 12 noon PST. I hope you can join me. There will be an AIM chat room called rnrgeek Here is the link to the Stream: Rock and Roll Geek Show Stream(This is a Live 365 Stream and should provide the least buffering ) Here is the [...]
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An Interview with Edgeplay director and ex- Runaways Bassist, Vicki Blue.
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There is a new indiecast up at Tags: Indiecast,
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