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This is the last show before the Jetboy tour. On this show I play a Thin LIzzy song for friend of the show, Todd, who left a beer fund donation. I also drink toasts to Phil from the Paranoid Squirrel podcast and Alex, who runs the Rock and Roll Geek Clothing store. I also play a song and interview with Los Olvidados, who is fronted by former bandmate Mike Voss. I do a Listening with Butler of Justin Hawkins' new band Hot Leg. Also an eMusic song of the week from Judas Priest, audio comments and emails. Plus the usual stumbling over words and unprofessionalism.


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Thin Lizzy

Hot Leg

Los Olvidados

Judas Priest

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An Interview with Nazareth founding member and bass player Pete Agnew. We do a song by song breakdown of the new record called The Newz, Nazareth history and we discuss Manny Charlton's version of Nazareth. Links: Nazareth Official Website Nazareth Myspace iTunes UK Nazareth
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Topics: eMusic Track of the Week, Rock News, audio comments and other crap
Music: Waysted, Harem Scarem, The Urgencies
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Freestyle Sunday Trainwreck episode. I talk about the gig with the cover band, Jetboy recording a Motley Crue song and playing at the Haight Street Fair. Also, I read emails and stumble all over my words. In other words, a typical episode. Music by Rock City Angels, Montrose, Gemini FIve, AC/DC
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Warning! Not  Work or Child Safe!!!

A live soundseeing tour of the 2008 Masturbate-a-thon
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On this show, I talk about the Iron Maiden show in Concord, CA and play bits of the show. I also play an audio comment from Tony from the Homemade Hit Show about the Great Rock and Roll Geek Survey. And I pick the contest winner from the MVD Video/Skybombers prize pack.
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