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On this show I play a song for Brian Springer, who left me a generous beer fund donation. Also on the show, a new segment on the show, Classic Albums Revisited. I revisit an album that I think is underrated and underappreciated. This show, I revisit 'Another Perfect Day' from Motorhead. This is my favorite record from them. Brian Robertson from Thin Lizzy played guitar on this record. I also visit another topic from the Rock and Roll Geek Forums Get most of this music on Get 35 free songs just for signing up. Cancel in 14 days and keep the songs! Links: Jetboy /purchase on iTunes Motorhead / Purchase on iTunes / Amazon Link The Exploding Hearts /Purchase on iTunes
Zemanta Pixie
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On this show I recap the Jetboy Road To Rocklahoma tour, play a Douchebag Clip of The Week, Listening With Butler with a brand new D:A:D song, drink a toast to friends of the show who left beer fund donations, play songs for new friends I met on tour read emails, forum threads and other junk.

Holly & The Italians
Alice Cooper
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