The Rock and Roll Geek Show
Day 2 of the Stephen Pearcy / Jetboy tour.
A report of the girls in Denver and of the first show.
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An update from the load in of the first date of the Stephen Pearcy / Jetboy tour.
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Drinking to good friends
Recording with Antiproduct
Next Great American Band Recap
Jetboy Tour


Cheap Trick

Sturm Und Drang


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On this show, I go over some of the fallout from the Bill Aucoin interview and play some music from bands that Mr. Aucoin has worked with.
Also some Week in Rock, Next Great American Band, Bangin WIth Butler talk and your emails and audio comments. Kind of an old school trainwreck.

Thanks to Sony and Hard Rock Hotel for sponsoring this show.


Generation X
Generation x



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An Interview with Bill Aucoin, former manager for Kiss, Starz, Billy Idol,etc. and current manager for Lordi and others.

This could be the best Bill Aucoin interview ever!

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Thanks to Jeff from Concord and Keith Jacoby for the Beer fund donations!
Van Halen Show Review from Chuck Speer
Starz/American Heartbreak Show Review
Audio Comment from Steve from Boston–Comment Line- 706 621 ROCK(7625)
Next Great American Band Recap
Heavy Metal Box Set Winner
Bangin With Butler
Bill Aucoin

Nazareth Purchase on iTunes
The Rockets
Hardcore Superstar

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