The Rock and Roll Geek Show

An Interview with Holly Beth Vincent

We do a career retrospective and play some songs spanning her career.

Holly’s Myspace

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Holly Beth Vincent


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Joe Klein> sits in on this show.

Week in Rock
Gene Simmons Family Jewels
Listening With Butler - Noush Skaugen
A reading of the VA Tech Killer’s GnR play
Paul Stanley hates digital downloads
Runaways Movie
Cheap Trick Sgt Pepper
Audio Comment
Listener Emails


New Manic Street Preachers
American Heartbreak
Holly and The Italians

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My friend Ace from Reality Check TV sits in on this show.

Rock and Roll Birthdays and Deaths
Gene Simmons Family Jewels
Two Listening With Butler Segments
1. The New Wildhearts Single Purchase on UK iTunes
2. The Specialist- Podsafe Music Network Link
Bulletin Board Topics


Generation X Purchase on iTunes
Michael Monroe
Sea Hags
New Ozzy

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An interview with Jesse Malin

Jesse Malin PMN page
Jesse Malin Website
Jesse Malin Myspace

Jesse Malin


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I’m still sick as hell
Scott Wieland’s wife troubles
Van Halen Gossip


Black Tie Review
The Waldos

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