The Rock and Roll Geek Show
A Soundseeing Tour Of The Masturbate-a-thon.
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Topics: In the Doghouse Rock and Roll Birthdays Week in Rock Listener Emails My days in Exodus 3 Bands in The City


Sea Hags Perfect(Purchase on iTunes) Figgs 3 Colours Red

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This is an extra long show (I apologize ) and I almost lost my voice several times. Topics: Guns and Roses Show Report with John and Mark from Talking Metal Drinking to the beer fund donations Butler’s Babes- Thanks to Jon and Jodie from He Said She Said Podcast for the naked photo Matt Mehm- 15 year old Guitar Whiz Kid Ginger CD Contest Winner Griffin Ear Thumps Winners Audio Comments Podshow Concert Listening with Butler- Slowvein Cheap Trick on Conan and Youtube Listener Emails RnR Geek on CBC Earthling Challenge The Mike Douglass Show Thanks to Joe Klein from the Podcast Voice Guys for the show open. Music: Osaka Pop Star Pandoras Slowvein Crystal Pistol
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Driving With Butler to Live coverage of The U.S. Air Guitar Championships

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Topics: American Heartbreak Show Report Geek Tech Reviews Listener Emails A New Contest and much more. Links: Homemade Hit Show Window to the Magic Sonos Keyspan American Heartbreak Purchase the New Record Podcast Voice Guys Music: Millencolin The Bellrays (Purchase on iTunes) American Heartbreak A
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A special mid-week/ late night show recorded at the rehearsal studio with Casey and Billy from American Heartbreak. <br>Warning: Some parts of this episode are neither pod nor work safe. <br>The Ginger Contest is still ongoing. Homemade Hit Show
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Topics:<br>rnWeekend Jetboy/American Heartbreak Show Report<br>rnNew Cheap Trick<br>rn<br>rnMusic: <br>rn<a href="" target=_blank>Hardcore Superstar</a><br>rn<a href="" target=_blank>Cheap Trick</a> <a href="">(Purchase On iTunes)</a><br>rn<a href="" target=_blank>999</a><br>rn<br>rn<br>rn
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